How much do you remember from last year’s keynote speaker?

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David Avrin delivers a high-energy, content-rich actionable message about what it takes to win in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace!

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Remarkable Insights and Highly Entertaining!


The Ideal Opening Keynote Speaker

Kickoff your meeting or conference with a bang! As your Opening Keynote Speaker, platform pro David Avrin sets the stage for profound learning and meaningful engagement with his thought-provoking content delivered with an entertaining, energetic and humorous style. David will provide both the content and context for your audience to help set the stage for all the learning and connections to come!


A Memorable Closing Keynote Speaker

As a powerful Closing Keynote Speaker, David Avrin will reinforce the learning and value received by your conference participants, while challenging them to forgo ingrained behaviors and think beyond the traditional business mindset. With the right mix of humor and energy to keep audiences engaged and in their seats, participants will stay until the end and leave with a smile on their face, along with a clear idea of what’s next and how to get there.

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About David

One of the most in-demand Marketing and Customer Experience Keynote Speakers in the world today, David Avrin, CSP is known as The Visibility Coach. With a surprisingly irreverent and entertaining style, David delivers a profoundly insightful and hard-hitting message to business audience across North America and around the world.

His message and timely lessons on competitive advantage have been enthusiastically received by audiences in: Singapore, Bangkok, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka, Brisbane, Johannesburg, Manila, Bangalore, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Toronto, Monte Carlo, Melbourne, London, Abu Dhabi, Bogota, Barcelona and Dubai

Internationally Acclaimed Business Author.


David Avrin’s Signature Keynotes

Customer Experience is the New Competitive Advantage

What Works, What Doesn’t and Why it Matters More Than Ever


(Customer Experience/Customer Service)

The greatest source of lost revenue for your business is the prospect you never knew about. They clicked away without buying, drove past without stopping in, or hung up on your voice mail system. Worse yet, you have no idea who they were, or how many there were. In this relevant, high-content and very entertaining presentation, popular Customer Experience and Marketing expert David Avrin, CSP will shine a light on the monumental shift in purchasing behavior and expectation, while showing your team everyone’s role in eliminating barriers, engaging prospects and creating Customer Experiences worth sharing.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You!

How to Attract the Best Customers and Create an Army of Raving Fans



It’s a new world and the marketplace has changed. Countless choices are both nearby and online. Being great at what you do is no longer a differentiator — It is merely the entry fee. Today, winning in business is about discovering, creating and leveraging competitive advantages. In this highly entertaining, thought-provoking and actionable presentation, based on his book: Visibility Marketing, Business Marketing, and Customer Experience veteran David Avrin, CSP will show you and your team how to discover, create and promote meaningful differentiators to gain visibility and earn customers.